UI is terrible on consoles(PS4). The list just keeps growing

Here is my ever growing list:

  1. Equip from menu. Why does everything need to be in the radial menus to use. Having to unequip the in-hand weapon in order to swap it with one from your inventory is asinine. You are forced to unequip the weapon, swap it to your radial menu then requip it. Frankly this is not release worthy $hit. Hour 1, this nearly made me break my controller and consider a refund.

  2. Press (whatever button) to remove the item from the radial menu. Obviously have this. Wtf?

  3. Add craftable items to the radial menu. See above.

  4. Make the UI and text bigger. So much dead space between menus. Microscopic text is terrible on consoles. Why are all these games the same? Is the Unreal Engine that difficult to work with when it comes to making an efficient but legible UI?

  5. Press (whatever button) to drop items out of remote inventories (crafting stations, thralls, etc).

  6. Quick loot menu is great but then it uses the X button to grab items out of it instead of R2. Use R2 for everything. Crafting, looting, transferring; Stay consistent! I dont know how many times I’ve punched a crafting station. If I’m accessing the quick loot menu I don’t need to attack anything.

  7. Press R2 in the crafting menu to craft. It should all be the same button. Not X in this case then R2 on this screen. Stay consistent.

  8. “Not enough resources” message when crafting from radial menu. Tell me what I’m missing! All survival games have this! Dumb.

  9. Stop making my cursor jump to the left every time I move an item to a remote inventory. It’s NOT helping.

  10. If the last slot in an open inventory has 20/100 wood and I try to add wood. Add the 80 to top it off! Don’t tell me there isn’t enough room cus there is!

  11. Crafting should use the resources while it’s being made. Having to walk around over encumbered for 20 Min waiting for a furnace to finish is terrible for gameplay.

  12. Armor bench needs folders or it’s own sorting options. It’s a mess right now. Ie: Mid tier armor folders have mid tier padding and armor, folders for armor sets.

  13. Press (square or whatever button) to split resources. (The option is available but it needs to be accessed faster)

  14. Furnace crafts Metal first regardless of whatever else is inside and swaps metal to the front even if you have other stuff cooking already. Dumb.

  15. Transfer all would be used more if the stations only accepted things that are supposed to go into them. If they did then transfer all would be amazing. Ie: furnace only accepts one stack of wood, then pulls metal. Hide station auto pulls bark then hide. Etc.

  16. At least have the option to make the default cursor location your inventory NOT the crafting table. If I want to access the station it usually means I want to add something into it. If I wanted to take something out I would have accessed the quick loot menu.