Valentine's Day Card Contest!

Love is in the air! Just don’t get too close, it’s bad for your lungs. Everyone has that special someone that burrowed their way into your heart, maybe literally! The way your heart skipped a beat when first seeing Said’s beautiful skin, feeling entirely entranced after noticing the way Norma Creed handles a shotgun, or maybe a certain ak’ab looked your way twice. You just have to tell them how you feel or your heart will burst from keeping it in! No really, it will. You have 12 days before it’s just you, me, and a beach of razor fossils. :love_hotel:

:heart_decoration: What To Do:

Write a Valentine’s Day card to any NPC in the game! It can be a human, animal, tree, monster, whatever rocks your socks. You can make a card with text through Photoshop/MS Paint/whatever program, or even a real card. It’s up to you! Add pictures or stickers if you like!

Poetry is not necessary but use it if you’d like! Any form of writing is accepted! You can also send it as either yourself, your character, or as another NPC. Possibilities are endless! As long as you’re not sending it as another live player. :slight_smile:

There are three categories we will judge for:

  • Most creative
  • Most romantic
  • Funniest

:heart_decoration: Some Basic Rules:

  • It must be to an NPC in the game. No real players or people! Who you can always write to outside the contest. :memo:

  • Entries must be emailed to us here: [email protected]. Entries not submitted here will not be counted.

  • Subject line must be: SWL Card Contest

  • One card per person per email per category. So you may submit one card per category if you’d like.

  • No more than 200 words.

  • Should be on a format of or resemble a card.

  • Please include the character name of who you want the prizes to go to somewhere in the body of the email, as well as which category you are entering the card for.

  • Please make it safe for work, you naughty bee, you.

:heart_decoration: Due Date:

We will take entries until February 11th, 2019 at 11:59pm EST/5:59am CET.

:heart_decoration: Prize(s)

Participation: One of your characters will receive the “Microwaver of Sardines” and “Rawrasaur” titles.

Runner up: One of your characters can choose to have the Love Bird pet, or a purple valentine’s onesie. You will also receive the participation titles.

Winners: If you win one of the three categories, one of your characters will receive the Love Bird pet, purple valentine’s onesie, and the participation titles!

Looking for love in all the wrong places…

We’ll post a video on February 13th to announce the winners! We were originally going to stream the announcement but my voice is almost completely gone. Very sorry about this! All cards and winners will be posted to the forums here after the stream.

:love_letter: And now a poem from our very own Nirvelle:

To: Security Five

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are pink
I < 3 you

:love_letter: And a poem from Tamtor who thinks Nirvelle’s sucked and could do better:

Bloodstains are red
Ak’ab can Brood
You are Pink
I love you

:heart: Photo cred to Kylaney, Leogrim, and Vomher! :heart:


My super quick dumb attempt. <3



Quick Update:

We’re doing an Age of Conan stream today. I was planning on announcing the winners as well for this contest, but my voice is almost completely gone. Instead, either me (depending on how my voice is later today) or Andy will post a video announcing the winners. :slight_smile:
I’m very sorry about that all but either way, you’ll know the winners today and see the cards!