Valero's Crew (Role Playing / Mod / RP-PVP Server / PC)

“It is time sailors! Fill the belly of this whimsical ship and then we will spill the wine in our thirsty jaws and in our burning heart!”

If the role of pirate/sailor fits on your charachter Captain Valero is searching for new sailors for his crew, all people is welcome to join us. If you are a spoil but have guts and a desire for loot, this is your place.

Current members: 5

Ranks: Captain, Countermaster, Liutenant, Officer, Sailor.

RP-PVP PC Server The best admins and best server I’ve ever saw! You can ask me any question about the clan or the server! (It’s a Role Playing server, so there’s some rules if you want join and play. Also, a bit of knowledge about Conan lore would be appreciated). Please, active players.

May the wind guide your sails, landlubber!