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Welcome to Valkyrie Gaming

We offer:

[AOC] Valkyrian Island [PVP] [Isle of Siptah]
Start: 15.09.2020

-Hardest Server ( Not for gathering but for fighting NPC’s)
-Dynamic Building damage until 1 hour after log out.Sat & Sun 18.00-23.00 UCT= +2 GMT
-3x Damage on NPC’s.2x on HP.
-Epic PVP with mods:AOC,EEWA,ELI & Fashionist.(Lots of weapons and abilities can be bought in the market, no need for months of grinding.)
-Compensation after raid to motivate players to stay on the server.
-No Drama,No Voting,Minimum Admin interferance,Anonymous Player list(Even when you chat.),Starterkit,Adjusted Maelstorm,etc…
-AOC-crafters:No OP commanders and Assasins.
-Few Rules & due to 1 player clans no need to reset. EVER!
-If you look for challenges,a balanced server and for a long time?Look no further.

Valkyrian Lands [PVE-C] [Exiled Lands]
Start: 18.09.2020

  • Conquest system with rewards.
  • Player PVP enabled all the time.
  • XP and Harvest rate increased to 3x
  • Player Market and public Buildings for players to interact and explore.
  • Tailored Quest for Professions and custom mods to keep a balance.
  • Plenty of events to experience the game with no level requirement
  • No wipes but 30 day afk = delete

Mods: Pippi, Fashionist, AOC, EEWA, Professions, Northern Timber, SvS, DMT, and many more.

Start: 18.09.2020

Our Discord:

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5 active players currently with some on and off at times.Come join the server :grinning:

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