Valkyrie Gaming One Man Army PVP


Valkyrian Island [PVP] [Isle of Siptah]

Valkyrie Gaming invites you to join the first and only “One Man Clan/Army” Isle of Siptah PVP Server.

No Alpha-Clans steamrolling your base.(Max. 1 member per clan allowed.)

Want to join with a friend?

Landclaim is set to minimum so you will have only 1 foundation gap in between your 2 bases.

You can’t farm 24/7 and have all your friends online all the time? We have “Dynamic building damage.”
(1 hour after log-out noone can damage your base.)

You want a challenge when fighting NPC’s? Here they have 3x damage and 2x HP.

Still reading!?

Then Valkyrian Island of Syptha is the one for you.

We offer:

Unique and challenging NPC’s to fight.

On Saturday and Sunday building damage from 18.00 till 23.00 (UTc)

50+ attributes in everything.(It’s nice to have a fair fight when farming.)

Collect:“Augments,Constellations,Sigils,Courage and Reputation.”
(Reputation comes from surviving raids and will earn you unique items/thralls.)

For example: A horse with 1200 stamina instead of the normal 600.

No warps or homepoint. PVP will be PVP until the bitter end.

Work together,make alliances and exchange resources/recipes.

Hosav’s Custom UI-mod

Start: 07.10.2020

Join our discord today for more info and the server details.

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things have been added to make it possible to get everything in the mods.

y all good.