Vanishing items

I made a Furnace and Artisan table this morning. Tried to go to main menu and the game crashed. Logged in now and both the Furnace and Artisan table are gone.

There was a nice little lootbag with the wood and iron that was in the furnace before login out.

And where can I get my double AS Tigress?

I assume you are playing in singleplayer?
What are your abandonment settings?

Did you place the furnace and thrall right before it crashed? I’ve noticed in SP when it crashes, you can lose a minute or so worth of actions, depending on how the saving was doing.

I was indeed playing singleplayer. And never before looked the abandonment settings. I build a small house before on a different part of the map were I had no trouble with vanishing items.

The new base (that has a bed and is my new respawn point) I placed the furnace next to the house, say a meter, and poof. Last night I decided to place the furnace inside the house and now its still there.

Well, it’s not here :frowning: