Vanishing Trebuchet

Game mode: Online Official Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: North America

Trebuchets keep disappearing when I build them on top of my base

I see a similar post from last month that was closed but I did not see any solution? I have tried building trebs on top of my base three times but every time they will disappear after a day or two… Checking events it just has a message “lost stability”.

They place fine and I’m able to fire them, etc but they lose stability (apparently) and disappear. I’m giving up on trebs but curious if there was a solution that I missed?

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No, sry. I am curious, too, but I´m afraid it is just a bug not yet fixed. I have several defensive tower structures ready for the placement of trebuchets, but only two trebs actually remained. In case I need them, I will have to rebuild the others.

I only know so much: If you place your treb on 100 % stability foundations, you have a chance for it to last. But it is still not a 100 % chance. … :wink:


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