Vehement (erpvp 18+)

Vehement ERP-Pvp (18+)


Vehement is a high fantasy roleplay/■■■■■■ roleplay experience.

The server is consent-based. That means you get all the sexy/slave/brutal times you wish, and none of the fear of having it done on you if you don’t like it.

Because your story is what matters most, there are no pre-set frameworks or admin-defined story arcs. Build your story with others, and watch the server change as your actions impact the world and the people around you.

We have developed an in-house dice-based combat for immersive PvP roleplay, that has been tested and refined over several months. Or, PvP is enabled on the server, so you could resolve conflict with the usual ingame mechanics.

And, of course, we feature a roleplay hub, with starter kits, quests and new player help.


To enable a vibrant roleplay experience, we run a set of carefully selected mods, but remain open to changes in the list. They include

Roleplay mods: Roleplay 1.8.1, Savage steel…

Erotica mods: Sexiles, Slavermod, Thrall wars…

Fantasy mods: Age of Calamitous, Exiles Extreme…

Fashion mods: Immersive armors, High heels system…

You can see the full list on our discord.


Run by a team of experienced admins and moderators, we are committed to the community first, and are happy to help with any technical or interpersonal issues to ensure a smooth roleplay experience. We are devoted to fairness and have explicit, written and transparent rules should the need for staff action arise, so that no-one should feel treated unfairly.

Server Invite

Discord: 6aQKEH4

We’d be happy to have you! Create a Character-Sheet and complete our introductory quest ingame and we’ll see you soon!