[Video] I recreated the Game of Thrones Dragonstone Castle in Conan Exiles (TestLive)


I’d be honored if you fellow Exiles watch the speedbuild video I created on YouTube:

Hope you like it and can appreciate the effort I put into creating it. It wasn’t all that easy, but the final result was awesome!
Here is a screenshot in case you don’t like videos:


Damn that looks good :smiley:


Nice work!!!
Did you have floorplans to work from?


Thanks @Graeves and @Lleilwin

Nah, I was taking the general idea of how to build it from here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/E89Pv
Then I just had to adept to what Conan Exiles building system and world (location) had to offer. I chose a location in the new swamp biome, because all other regions islands are too small or blocked by other stuff.