Visual bug, falling in place

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Visual Bug, minor

For the second time I experienced a visual bug that was on my screen, but could not be seen by another player. Descending stairs seems to be the trigger, based on limited occurrences.

The indication is easily remedied by ‘walking’ or dropping some distance.



I can repeat it, but have yet to restart game or server. Is yours repeatable after both?



I can tell you how to reproduce this effect,

Near the Warren of Degenerates E6 lower right side -78306.742, 140,330.75 -9,939.27
There is a small nook in the cliff side, about the size of a round two ring tower base,
build a small circular 2 to 3 levels high base in this nook.

place a bed in the base. log out, wait until after the server restarts, log back in and your character will sometimes float, inside the base.

I have done this in single player, and on official and private servers, even testlive. it may not occur every time you log in. But it has happened every time I’ve built in that spot. So roughly 8 times.


Hello @Jim1, thank you for reporting this while also providing a gif of the issue in action.

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