VoidRealm 1/19 [10XP/8XH][NO OFFLINE RAID][48HR Raid Prot]!

This is easily the best server I’ve ever played on. Performance is incredible. The admins are active, attentive, and know how to run a server. There are scripts to even delete characters and ALL owned objects for anyone that doesn’t log in for 6 consecutive days. They recently installed Pippi and stack10 mods, which have been really a lot of fun.

Lots of players. No offline raiding. Admin PvP events, sometimes more than 1 per day. Can buy thralls with Pippi gold. Really can’t find one bad thing to say about Void.

Come play with us.

Discord: discord.gg/ka83GD9

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Truly Awesome Server good pvping and no offline Raiding is sooo good dont have 2 worry when sleepin :slight_smile: active admins that know what there doin is Great !

Amazing server, great for clean pvp and raiding. Best feature about this server is the no offline raid policy, this makes for some epic battles. Come along and give it a shot!

Hands down best Conan Server. No offline raiding, high gather rates, PVP events, Slave market and Admins that know how to run a server.

Great server with fair/active admins and good mostly friendly player base!!

Best one ive found out there so far. Mod selection is great, active admins, friendly community!

The server has the perfect amount of bonuses to keep you sucked in. On top of that the community and Admins are friendly and active! I recommend this server to everyone I talk Conan with.