VoidRealm 12/15 [10XP/7XH][NO OFFLINE RAID][48HR Raid Prot]!

Great server Admins are fantastic, fun community. The rule set is great it promotes a fun online pvp and raid experience. Come join us! Jjoin us on Discord: http://discord.gg/ka83GD9

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Fresh wipe Dec 15/18 Pippi mod, stack mod, vote rewards starter packs no offline raidng

Discord available
Solid server good admin focused on balance and fairness

VoidRealm 10xp/7XH

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This is easily the best server I’ve ever played on. Performance is incredible. The admins are active, attentive, and know how to run a server. There are scripts to even delete characters and ALL owned objects for anyone that doesn’t log in for 4 consecutive days. They recently installed Pippi and stack10 mods, which have been really a lot of fun.

Lots of players. No offline raiding. Daily events, sometimes more than 1 per day. Can buy thralls with Pippi gold. Really can’t find one bad thing to say about Void.

Come play with us.

Discord: https://discord.gg/ka83GD9

I’ve played on Void off and on for quite some time. Definitely probably the best server I’ve played on. Admins make all the difference and Lothic makes sure to keep active admins around. Great ruleset(albeit long), to create more balanced and PvP oriented gaming. I suggest hopping in the discord and check the rules out, might catch some people to chat with too as it seems pretty active.

The latest addition with Pippi definitely makes things easier for players as well.

Highly highly recommend playing this server!

Direct Connect:

Amazing server! Voidrealmpvp runs very smoothly and the admin team are on top of everything needed to be done to maintain this server. Not only are the admins very kind and listen to all players in their community they also host in game events that are super fun. I highly recommend this server to anyone looking for a great pvp Conan experience.

Good server with active admins. Recommended to check it out.

Awesome server! Hardly ever goes down, and theres constantly admins on to help you out. I highly suggest it.

Good Server, cool admins, good on newer players to get started out loving the server!!!

Always a good time with pvp, admins, and server, i love the pace, i love the pvp, i love the fun, stop wasting time, Join us!!!

Amazing server. good admins care and good solid Pvp.