VoidRealm 11/2[10XP/8XH][Daily Events][48HR Raid Prot

Key Features:
No Lag
high FPS
No offline Raiding
48 Hour Protection for new or raided players
Raidable Admin Event bases with rare items
Fun non-toxic PVP gameplay
Ask Admins for Starter Kits
Consistent server with minimal wipes (unless needed due to major updates)
FREE T4 thrall after upvoting to topconanservers

This is one of the few conan servers with an active community and great PVP which is why I keep coming back. If you love Conan, you’ll love this server!

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By and far the best server I’ve played on. Admins are great and take care of the server. Good player base as well. Friendly to new players and vets alike.