Voip/Mic issues since before last patch

Game mode: [Official server #1818 Online Multiplayer g-portal]
Type of issue: [Bug/Voip Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict Server 1818]
Region: [America/U.S.A.]

For a little over two weeks I have not been able to hear other people’s microphones nor have I been able to see the icon above their head. It also affects my own microphone, as I am not able to see the icon or use my voip in-game. I have changed nothing on my end and have had no issues with voip/microphone since well before launch. Searching through the forums it seems that people have had this issue many, many times but I have not found a solution that works for me (Also, the majority of the threads are about private/modded servers and not an official).
From the minimal testing that I am able to do ( I play alone majority of the time), I have deduced that at least 3 others are not affected by this. I must repeat that I have changed nothing on my end and this “silence” happened very abruptly mid-gameplay. My microphone currently works on 7 different other games as well as discord/teamspeak etc etc
I assume this might be related in some way to the new bug that makes everything silent - Emotes, Jumping, Combat grunts, AI creatures not making noise as they attack etc - all quiet/not making noise AT ALL. For what it’s worth, falling makes my character scream and the “Angry” emote makes grunt noises but that’s about it that makes noise.
I’ve been quite busy lately so I might be able to test more on this later in the week, but I would appreciate any outside help as I do not think I am able to fix this on my end.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in and press the default PTT button “T” - No voip or voip icon shows
  2. Find another player and have them voip and hear nothing - Use your voip and they hear nothing.
  3. Have other players speak to each other and see if they are able to hear/use voip correctly
  4. Also, Emotes-Player/NPC combat noises etc don’t make noise

Hey @IcyLink

Welcome to our community.
There is no current issues at the moment with Vivox that we could relate to your issue. Just in case, do you have any antivirus software?
There is a current issue regarding NPC and characters not playing certain sounds and our team is looking into it.

Hey there Ignasis, thanks for getting back to me so soon.
Currently I have the default Win10 pro antivirus (Windows Defender) installed and active on my P.C.
As for the NPC sounds, disregard my mention of them - I’m glad to hear you all are on it already!

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Just in case, since a situation like this can be difficult to evaluate from this side, have you tried to re-validate your game files in case there is somehow a corrupted file?

I have re-validated many times as well as re-installing Conan multiple times. I have jumped into my audio settings and made sure all permissions and privacy settings were set and/or turned off, updated and troubleshot all the drivers (mic and audio), re-configured my microphone and headphones settings multiple times, and made sure no applications were blocking Conan Exiles. Windows detects my microphone no problem and during re-configuring/troubleshooting there seems to be no problems at all. It’s very strange.

After a bit of research it seems that it is probably a recent windows update that has bugged the mic and/or the voip for Conan. In no way is this game breaking for me so I will just continue to wait it out and play or save reformatting for very last if I become too frustrated.
Thanks for your help @Ignasi

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Hey @IcyLink

Thanks for letting us know. Is there any new drivers for your heardset that could adapt to this new Windows Update?

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