Walkable floor bypass no longer working in devkit/mods

Before the patch, there were mods (like lbpr) that would allow you to bypass many of the walkable floor issues which is a massive annoyance. It seems the bp_thrallsystemcomponent options are still in the scripts, but doesn’t do anything anymore. It really was a godsend for people that focus on building and using thralls more as guards or likewise for the visual immersion to be able to place them pretty much anywhere. Can we please get the option back?

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This build introed the warning before placing a thrall. So the tool kit may not have been update to this.

My theory is the walk able floor warning is not a bug. Placed items collision boxes are larger then the item. So when you went to place your thrall next to it, as far as the game was concerned you were trying to place the thrall inside the placed item; and apparently the edge of building blocks count.

WaLKable FLooR

Can anyone actually remember why this was implemented in the first place? I think this was some kind of exploit with players placing over 9000 thralls on a single pillar, but the way FUNCOM “fixed” is impeding to a lot more players then those who suffered from exploit itself.
Reverting back to old ways would be much more beneficial IMO.

I recently had an idea of putting my pet rat on the floor off my tavern and placing my female thralls on the tables screaming but sadly I can no longer do this due to non walkable foot issues.

I think it had something to do with either what you mentioned or thralls getting placed and falling through the world.

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