Wall ivy texture not loading

Maybe this is only a ps4 issue or possibly just an issue with my game. But I’ll post it here before i post in bug reports to warn others of this potential bug. I purchased the hanging garden set. The wall ivy looked great until i logged off. Ater coming back to the game the leaves of the ivy are no longer rendering. I can see the branches but, that’s it. I removed the wall ivy then put it back up. It worked fine until i logged off. After coming back, obce again the leafs did not load. This happened on both a private siptah server and a private exiled server on ps4

just to dovetail on another bug that sounded similar to this… did you try equipping a star metal tool to see if it comes back? I know it sounds weird… just roll with me on it.


Im on my single player server now and getting the dame bug here as well. Let me spawn in a star metal tool and check

No dice. Still invisible

well… was worth a shot. There was a foliage bug outside that responded to a star metal tool. The trees and stuff had their leaves gone and then poof they’d be back. Someone said anything star metal would work, but the person in question did use a sickle…

It’s weird. All other decorative plants are working fine. I bought this damn set just for the ivy to. Grrr

if you pluck it off the wall and put it back, does it render in?

Yes it does but, as soon as i log off and back on it dissappears again. No way in hell am i doing that everytime i jump on the game.

Understood. There should be a patch coming in the near future since there is a public beta devkit available (I think within 2 weeks but don’t quote me), so hopefully this is a similar symptom of the problem they already know about and it will be fixed (fingers crossed).

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Yeah hopefully. You’d think with the latrine debacle that they’d put a little more effort into checking these things before they hit the Bazaar but i guess thats wishful thinking on my part.

Well that makes this not ideal for pvp camouflage until it gets stable

If you take it back down and put it back, do the leaves grow back?

Yes but, after logging off and coming back the leaves are gone again. No way I’m going to pull them down and put them back wvery time lol

That’s the same behavior that the rosebushes have.

I don’t want this to turn into yet another sweet funcom bash session lol but damn, so there’s a known issue with another foliage item but, they go ahead and push this into the bazaar anyway. Intentional or not it comes off as pretty scummy on their end.

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, as it works fine for me. I’m on PS5 on Official PVE servers and have logged off and back on and everything is still there. Sorry for those of you who it’s glitched out for, just figured I’d add the voice of someone who it is working for somehow (I also never experienced the rose bush glitch).

One thing I did notice is that the small and medium plants from that set are backwards, the materials needed to craft what they label “small” are double the materials of what they label “medium”, however when you go to place the “small” plant, it is clearly the medium sized plant, while the “medium” one, is in fact the small. They’ve somehow gotten both the description and the image of those items wrong.


The issue has to do with how the Bazaar has been locked down. Not only in the devkit, but also in Public Beta (Testlive). With normal items, its easy for someone to test them. You just play with them as normal on the Beta client. If there is bugs that slip by, there’s a second set of eyes in the form of modders in the devkit (both live and beta). With Bazaar items, we can’t play with these things and we cannot see them in the devkit.

So instead of several dozen people testing before a patch goes live, its like 1-2 people. If you’re looking for a game developed by a team that has a whole slew of QA members, I recommend Nintendo games. No one else in the industry does that. Not Activision, not Electronic Arts, not CD Projekt Red, not Ubisoft, or any of the big name peeps. Maybe Valve does, but they release games like once a decade.

We have made suggestions to allow full access to BLB items in Public Beta, but it requires a whole separate setup with FLS that would need to be reconfigured in the client as it goes live each time which could end up with untested bugs happening as they reconfigure it back to a live environment.

But what is happening here is relatively minor. There is a blooming effect on new plants when placed. They can either remove it or fix the blueprint/function that controls it and it should fix everything tied to it.

What I don’t understand is the reason behind the blooming effect. If you don’t know what I am talking about, take a rose bush and place it. It will place as a green bush with no flowers which will then after a half a second will ‘bloom’ into view. The bug is this effect is stymied on log in (since it is clientside). So I’m wondering if the idea was to have plants that go through ‘seasons’ or what not. Its the only thing I could think of because it doesn’t make much sense for a item to bloom into being if its meant to be a static placeable.

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It’s so nice that we have the privilege of paying funcom to test their game for them )) anyway, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll just wait for it to be fixed.

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I’m on psn and I have had no issues with the climbing ivy that is so weird