War Paints Not working

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

War Paints still do Not work, i tried everything but it still Not usable.


On a Private server here yep war paints are not working for me neither

Just adding / bumping they’re not working for me either.

Bump, same issue here. Single player game, happens with both found and crafted war paints both attribute and decorative.

Yeah I have found that the warpaints are not working.

They should have fixed this by launch! Why is it still a problem? DX

No go on the warpaint. Another journey quest that can’t be done.

They probably think it work because it does on pc.

On pc it has the same bug, I reported it on testlive. The warpaints dont have a button to apply with controller, you can only apply it with mouse double click.

warpaints still dont work. please fix this