Xbox - War Paint

I am not sure if the War Paint for the Xbox is still bugged, but I cannot get it to work.

I created Darfari Decorative War Paint, but cannot seem to figure out how to apply it.

It does not allow me to put it into the Hot Bar.
If I take my armor off, it does not allow me to move it to a body part to paint.
It does not allow me to put it on armor.

How the hell are you supposed to apply War Paint?

I saw another thread on this.
I’m on PC and I right click war paint to apply it.

I connected an Xbox controller and it seems impossible to apply war paint with it… I tried everything in an attempt to help the guy on the other thread.

Warpaint is currently not working as intended on consoles. It does on PC though. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience! This will get fixed in a patch we’ll roll out as soon as possible.

I might have just posted on that thread too.

I am good (well not really) if it is still bugged. At least I know that I am not doing something wrong, but I do not even know the correct steps to see if it is me or the game that is not working correctly.

You posted just before I finished my post. Thanks for the update.

Do you know what the procedure will be to use the War Paint when it is fixed?

I saw that. It was a different one. Looks like there are several.

It’d make more sense if they made war paints usable the same way every other consumable in the game is.
It’s the only item we have to right-click to use on PC.

Has there been any update on the status of War Paint?

How is it supposed to be applied using the Xbox?

-Is it put in the hotbar wheel?
-Put on like Armor using the X button? If so, do you have the remove the armor for that body part?
-Is it only allowed on certain body parts? Chest only? Face only?

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