How to apply warpaint? CE Xbox

So does anyone know how to apply the warpaint in Conan Exiles on Xbox? Having trouble trying to figure out! Thanks I’m advance for any help!

As far as i know, if its in your inventory you double click on it, if its in your hot bar you can toggle it off and on, at least thats how it was, i just read about it in the devs blog this morning, hope this helps

would like to know to if its possible to use warpaint on xbox, tried to drag it to the wheelbar, says cant be moved, tried to move it to where the armor is showed, nothing. double click is for pc, not xbox :smiley: thought its maybe cause you need to learn it first to use it, but even decorative war paint doesnt work for me after learning it

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Warpaint on Xbox is currently bugged. Should be fixed by launch.

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good to know, thx

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We have passed the launch date and I still cannot get War Paint to work.