How do I apply warpaints, on the PS4? Found a few on various “offerings” to Set.
Cant stick them to the quickwheel, and cant use them in any way in the inventory. Are they currently bugged or some such?

Cant do it here as well, same with the equip light armor , 2 steps in the journey that halt my progress on official pvp, great game launch

Dyes do not seem to work either, or I just cant figure out how to use them.
If the good people at Funcom could give us an answer regarding how to use these items or if they currently are bugged for PS4/console. Would be nice to know.

Put the dye in your inventory, select the item you want to dye and toggle the “More” option, a drop down list should have “dye” as an option. Pick which part of the armor to dye and then select the dye color from what you had in your inventory.

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Last time I checked there was only “split” and “info” there.

Granted, may have checked the dye…

So the dye issue was just a matter of different item usage compared to upgrades and stuff that is used on gear. Got it.

But what about the warpaints? Still no idea how to use em, or if they are bugged.

It’s bugged, it says it’s a consumable but they made it so you can’t equipped it in any way. I’m sure they are trying to find out a solution which is why they haven’t responded because they probably aren’t entirely sure how to. My guess it will be fixed in the next few updates

I equipped light armor and got that part of the journey completed on PS4

It shouldnt be to hard. If its a consumable like thingie, just map it to the square button like everything else. After all, it works on PC… double click.

Yeah it is bugged.

On PC we can double click or right click to apply war paint, neither of which are possible on consoles as far as I know. On PC I am completely unable to apply war paint when attempting to do so with an Xbox controller.

So the problem is that they simply did not add a way to use them with a controller, on PC or consoles… It’s incomprehensible why they didn’t make them usable in the same way as ‘every’ other consumable item in the game.

But they’re aware of this and it will be fixed. Eventually.

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