Warpaints lost on death

Warpaints lost on death

Please either revert this or at least make this a setting, this is very unpopular change on our server and probably is very unpopular on most RP servers at very least.


They were not if server was not set to drop items on death. This was added in the new patch.

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It was mentioned yes so intentional.

And both.

So if you have Branding for RP or other such then it get lost every time you die.

There are a lot of persons like you who play this way, not to loose inventory, or others love to loose no stamina, or both. It is a game to relax, so anyway you love to play it, is respected. I know how frustrating is to lose your warpaint, but since you don’t loose inventory, why you don’t carry some warpaints with you? I believe this will solve your problem faster than the company don’t you think? Except if you have a rule on this server not to carry with you warpaints. Plus I believe that in the lvl you are already warpaints must not cost a lot. However I will support your problem asking your problem to be fixed, but I don’t think this will happen soon :wink:.

So that was what the patch notes were referring to? Wow. Why would they implement that?! What problem does it solve?

We lose sigils on death, what’s the difference?

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