Since there are no more functional warpaints

… they should be permanent. Or only until you die.

So this item will finally get some use:


I just checked and warpaints don’t appear to decay anymore. But they do have durability.

Normal ones have 14,400, but the old functional ones have 3,600. So what I think is happening is they are breaking in combat if you see them ‘fading’.

This might be a bug. Either they shouldn’t be taking damage. Or the old functional ones have an oversight and need their durabilities raised.

Just so everyone knows, Warpaints work like Armor. When you right click them, they are NOT used up. They are equipped to a warpaint slot. When you equip one over another, the old one is somehow deleted (not exactly sure how that part works). Even Sloughing Fluid is a piece of ‘Armor’ in this case.


Wait warpaints don’t decay anymore? So if I put one on, it’ll last until I die, or until it gets worn down by being hit?

That’s not been my experience but I’ve honestly not paid much attention to it. Now going to have to.

Its what the item table indicates. It doesn’t have a decay rate (set to 0.0).

I’m not sure if there isn’t some mechanic that just empties out the slot you equip them in. One way to test it is just copy and paste an existing warpaint and set the durability to something low like 3 in a mod, put it on for testing and go get hit a few times. If it fades pretty quick then we have our answer.

Would explain why I have been using the same one on my exiled lands character for over a month without having it go away
I play a build where I don’t get hit much if at all

Edit: might also be a bug cause it doesn’t even go away when I die. I respawn naked with the paint still on.

I still have a character on a PvE-C server that has a warpaint since 2019.

But given the fact I never played there since 2019, it kinda makes sense.

So as @Taemien said, it is based on durability. I can test and see if a former functional warpaint might disappear with slomo 10 :smiley:

If that’s the case and it has an invisible equipment slot like he said I do wonder how it’s still on me after I die though

I assume a visual bug.

Would be one that is sever side then cause I asked some friends and clan mates if I was still wearing it and they cam see it too even after I die and come back

There might be some stuff related to the slot. Since even with items drop on death Warpaints stay on, sometimes. The sometime part is what kinda baffles me. But then again I haven’t delved into the warpaint specific stuff too much.

My experience with them is I have made a functional warpaint that gave custom stats. But I pretty much copy and pasted an existing warpaint with a new itemID and gave its own entry in the itemstat table referencing the new item. From what I could tell it functioned just like normal stat increasing warpaints. It still gives its stat in 3.0 as well. But that is to be expected since the changes merged into the itemstat table are still present in the mod.

Kinda interested in seeing results of tests on this
For me it’s been 100% staying through every death but I also don’t die often again cause my build and play style
I just kinda accepted it after a few brief tests and friends to witness
I tend to make a specific dlc warpaint in bulk and fill a chest with it then keep 5-10 on me to re apply when it wears off but stopped keeping them on me once I noticed it wasn’t ever wearing off

Update: Seems my warpaint never wearing off on my exiled lands character is a bug after all. I was on my Siptah character for several hours today just building and decorating and I had to replace her warpaint twice.

Which warpaint was it you had to replace?

Emptiness. It’s the same one I use on both servers.

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