Please make non-functional warpaints permanent

As the title says.


Yeah, that would be nice. From my experience though, after playing for an hour or so the paint just disappears anyways. I guess it’s a bug though, and it does the same thing for thralls too. It would make sense to make it permanent since there is a recipe to ro remove it. I hate having to keep making the same warpaint just because I died or the game removed it.

It was an intentional change, that warpaints will be removed after 30-60 minutes.

Loss on death only was fine. But for non functional warpaints they can make them permanent.

Really? Well, guess I won’t be using those anymore. I kinda like having warpaint, but I’m not going to waste resources and time on non-functional warpaint. I would like for that to change in the future though. Thanks for clarifying that though.

Perm should be fine for non functional considderinf we have removal options

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