So like with all the cosmetic stuff in 3.0, will we get an option for longer or permanent duration on decorative warpaints?

Really want a longer duration or permanence till death, or tattoos please.


I agree that decorative warpaints should have a longer duration, especially on thralls. After all, their weapons and armor have no durability loss, which is awesome and reduces micromanagement.

The time limit on functional warpaints is understood, as they are a buff, similar to potions a advanced fish, and should have a time limit.


Yeah this is exactly what I want especially in regards to thralls without relying on a mod since some servers don’t run them. Yeah, functional warpaints with the current decay is also alright in terms of balance and gameplay in my opinion.


I honestly don’t see why we can’t get “permanent” functional warpaints or at ones that at least last until death. Its like what? +3? Big whoop, there’s armor stuff in game that gives equal or better bonuses. Make them cost like 10 times what they do now. I’d like to see them until death or permanent just so I don’t have to worry about making and reusing them all the time. It’s more a quality of life thing than making them powerful.


Id agree with this, i dont even use them… re applying every hour gets annoying, id rather it cost 4x the cost to make them and last 4 hours than have to make 4 and re apply

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I have several times posted this same opinion. With how costly they are to make they should be til death. Especially with the coming changes to our attributes.

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I strongly agree with all of the posters in this thread. Warpaint is the closest thing we have to tattoos on Conan Exiles. And as a heavily tattooeed guy who also happens to be fond of tattoos on women, I would also like to see decorative warpaints made permanent on both the player character and also our thralls. Should we change our minds and wish to remove them we have sloughing agent for that.

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