Please make warpaints to not dissapear after 1 hr

since they are cosmetics, why do they dissapear/vanish ?

not interested in buying warpaints at bazaar or use the ones in the battlepass, as it means just more work to reapply the warpaint to thralls every single hour. :frowning: (not fun)



You can adjust the decay timers in server settings to make them last longer

I agree, now we have the goop (forget it’s actual name) available to remove warpaints, and warpaints are purely cosmetic, I can’t see any reason not to make them persistent until removed, both for our character and followers.


official server here bud, so its whatever funcom set then up.

ya , and it is in their best interest to make it so, if they do , pretty sure they will sell many more warpaints in the BLB.

We’ve always had the sloughing fluid… however, it should have been made permanent for a long time now… at least ones that were strictly cosmetic.

i do not believe it will be too complicated for funcom to simply make then permanent/.

It’s not. They just have to WANT to do it.

ok , we need to start “reminding them” like all the time XD

Goodness, really? I really should know this after playing all is time. Thanks. I guess I’ve only really paid attention to now it seems to drop from enemies out in the world since the loot update. Thanks.

And yes, I really like the warpaints, I use them a lot of the time, if they were made persistent until removed it would give sloughing fluid more of a use too I’m guessing.

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I really wish they would. Persistent through death would also be nice since they have no benefits other than cosmetic

All warpaints are strictly cosmetic and yeah funcom should make them permanent.
Imagine selling all those warpaints via Bazaar and BP and seeing only a small percentage of people (PC-modded) use them because they have tools to make them permanent and even change the color of said warpaints.

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The base game ones use to provide buffs, which I believe isn’t the case anymore? That’s what I meant by “at least the cosmetic ones.” If they don’t do that anymore, there’s honestly no reason to NOT be permanent. Now if they do something, then yeah, make only those temporary like any other potions and status buffs.

Stats warpaints don’t provide any stats boosts since the introduction of the new attribute system.

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Yeah, that’s what i noticed too, but wasn’t 100% certain since I rarely use those ones. They’re all ugly anyway.

It really isnt that hard to make them.

A 2 hour timer on par with other buffs would be ideal.

As far as thralls go, make it permanent unless they are actually following you , then see above - 2 hour timer.

Not a big deal for me as i got almost all my thralls rocking warpaint all the time once they reach 20 and get a new skin.

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