Permanent War Paint

I’m pretty sure this has come up before, but it should really be a thing now that they don’t do anything… particularly decorative ones… not even talking about the vanilla stat boosting ones. What’s even the point of sloughing fluid if it doesn’t even last long enough to waste materials on crafting the fluid? There’s some really cool designs (especially the faction ones you loot on occasion) and I’d like to be able to use them indefinitely like tattoos without crafting so many when they decay. Alternatively, only lose them upon death would be fine. I remember when they would last much longer in game. That should be a thing again.


To my knowledge, this should be as simple as removing their decay timers.

The way I understand it, warpaints occupy an invisible armor slot and disappear when removed from it. Sloughing Fluid I believe is an invisible warpaint. So if they remove the timers, they should in theory last forever.

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Yeah… but it needs to be done by Funcom. We don’t have that luxury on official.


The point I was making is that it should be easy. If nothing fishy is going on.

We’re talking 5-10 minutes tops.

I quite sure @Testerle could tell you, how it’s done. :wink:

Sometimes it’s the easy ones that take the longest to change/fix. I recall there being a bug in Skryim involving argonian vampire female characters using the male animation. The fix was literally just changing the reference to the correct animation. I did it myself in the CK, along with many others. Takes a couple minutes at most and is so straightforward you could almost do it in your sleep. But the bug remained for years.

It got added to the unofficial patch at some point. I don’t recall it ever being fixed officially. I mean, I know this is Bethesda in this example, but still, the point is really simple fixes can often translate to nobody actually taking the two seconds required to actually do them.

Kind of applies to life in general now that I think about it. Just take a moment to watch how many people walk by a piece of litter sitting right next to an empty trash can.


Agreed. It’s funny, they spend a lot of time fixing typos in each update, and yet this is something that gets overlooked? I mean, I understand dedicating time to bigger issues and bugs, but something as simple as this shouldn’t be just left out completely. Granted, I also understand how typos aren’t necessarily the job of the coding team and the copy team would have nothing to do if it weren’t for fixing spelling mistakes, but still… let’s make this happen! :partying_face:

I’ll throw my coin in on this idea. I hate reapplying paints on my best thralls. Should last until overridden or death.


My question is, do ANY of the warpaints add physical attributes at all? I tried the strength one on my thrall, but did not see any difference.

I’m not 100% certain, but I’ve heard none of them work anymore. Whether that’s intentional or not, idk. Even if it’s a bug and it gets fixed, there’s no reason the decorative ones can’t be permanent.


I agree. There are a few I really like. The fact they only last an hour is annoying.


Very much so. They don’t come cheap…

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Now that they’ve removed the buff paints, there’s no reason they can’t last until death. I’m voting yes on this petition: Permanent war paints please


Just to keep this alive, I would very much like either for war paints to be permanent or at least for there to be a separate tattoo option that adds the visuals but foregoes any mechanical benefits. That’s assuming that they reinstitute any mechanical benefits at all and don’t keep them as merely cosmetic. I was really disappointed when I looked at thralls I thought I applied war paint to only to see them without any. I originally thought I’d just forgotten who had war paint and who didn’t, but then I realized it timed out. Much sadness that day.

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