Is Warpaint Supposed to Melt Off?

Every time my girlfriend and I put warpaint on, it seems to disappear after a couple of hours. Intended or bug?

Functional warpaint has a timer on it.

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Yup…permanent functional warpaint until death. That’s my personal Bryan Skull.

It gives one an incentive not to “bed-hop” ARK style.


I agree, warpaint needs to be perma till death… i dont even worry about it any more… its just not worth it

I suggested that they need to install telemetry on feature use, so they see how absolutely nobody uses functional warpaints.

We have not used functional warpaint yet. This is all cosmetic paints we are seeing this on.

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… so… Cosmetic paint has a duration as well?

Really? O_o

I’d love to see telemetry on sloughing fluid.

I’ve used it and its great but way too expensive for the time you have it.
Used to be permenant, that’s what the sloughing fluid was for, but I guess PvP didn’t like it maybe.
A shame to have an ultra useful item that no one uses due to the cost.
If they removed the dragon powder and replaced it with 5 alchemic base I might consider using it.
Best option would be to make it permanent again and have a use for sloughing fluid too.


Warpaint should be permanent, it really is a worthless item currently. It lasts, maybe an hour. And is quite expensive. Sure, you can make a stack of it to carry around, but the inconvenience of this just makes it a bad concept in the game.

We are all here to have fun, not be inconvenienced. I hope they change it back to the way it was (permanent till death.) Because I have used it twice since that time. Just to identify how the timer worked, and it’s not even worth the headache.

Games like Anarchy Online had extreme amounts of twinking that made the game fun, and afforded players with deeper meanings to their attribute choices.

Conan is just, a total let down in that department.


I will second Bryan Skull on this. Warpaint that is decorative should stay until death. Its why we have Sloughing stuff in the first place.

Which no one makes

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As far as I know, this one was a knee to groin for everyone. No-one complained as far as I saw on boards. @Halcyon is correct. This (perma-wear) would make it less friendly to blood port as much.

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My clan mates apply warpaints on every raid/PvP fight. So it’s actually used.

We also have raid vaults with spare warpaints and buffs in them in case someone dies.

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if that is a clan of 10, then that is 10 bombs not made. not worth the investment to be honest. I understand some like the extra perks, but when raiding, every dragon powder counts. That is what @Halcyon was eluding to i believe. not every player is part of a super clan. And so war paints are the least of there priorities. I normally go, T4 Alchemist, T4 Armorer, T4 tanner in order of my top three things i need in a war. Blacksmith is nice, but to make things go boom boom, i don’t need a weapon, or extra perks. Just level 35 and some bombs.


is there really no update on this?

decorative warpaint on offical lasts until death. i had mine for days before i died to something stupid and lost it in the process. mine was a dlc one though, not sure if it has something to do with the issue.

Functional warpaint should not be permanent. They are a buff as well as elixirs they have a timer.
They cost to much? I understand. People wish only easy buttons.

Warpaint is way to expensive compared to bombs.

It definitely needs another look, a change in the recipe to make it, or just cheaper for the hour long duration that you would be using it.

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