What is the current duration of functional warpaints?

Whats the duration and rules?

I’d also like to the time for banded (black hand) warpaints. I had to use some to clear an item in my journal, but wanted to get rid of it because it was ugly.

Can’t remember the exact time. When they were first given a time limit the same patch also introduced a bug that made every second into four or five. That patch they were around an hour before they decayed, so I assume it is four or five hours decay.

The general consensus seems to be that they just aren’t worth it now, for the cost.

This is exactly my thought on warpaints, both functional and decorative. The items needed to craft them, their short duration, which is approximately an hour, and the fact that things such as taking damage and entering a body of water cut this timer down are all factors that make me think they simply aren’t worth the hassle, apart for the Journey step.

I was under the impression that logging out would remove the war paint.
I also vaguely remember that the max time for functional war paint and maybe decorative was one hour real time.

If decorative lasts after relog then I think the sloughing fluid/liquid will remove it.

At least on single player, decorative definitely lasts through a relog and much longer than an hour. Also death. I know there’s a time limit on them though. I’m just not sure what it is.

No idea about functional war paints.

I think your decay settings might affect warpaints too, haven’t really used them much since the decay was implemented, might be something worth testing.

Possibly. Mine are set to default, for what it’s worth.

Sounds like decay has been lengthened then, when I last used them, I was lucky to have one last an hour, and that was with slightly slower than normal decay.

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