NON-FUNCTIONAL Warpaints have erronously been added Decay Timers as well

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

The Mother-of-All-Patches patch notes stated only “Functional Warpaints now properly decay over time.”

However it seems the same decay timer has been added to VISUAL (non functional) warpaints as well. There is really no gameplay reason why NON-functional warpaints should also decay now, it’s just a hassle if they keep despawning in a few hours and you suddenly lose your cool look. It’s more than enough that you lose them when you die, which happens more than enough times in this game in a natural and gameplay centric way (not talking about issue related deaths here).

Ask yourself: should the colors you wanted and added to an outfit also wear out in a few hours then?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft and equip a DECORATIVE / VISUAL ONLY Warpaint (I used one of the Khitan warpaints)
  2. Stay in a server long enough (couple of hours I think, equal time fo Functional Warpaints) and notice it will disappear from your body
  3. Check the patch notes which stated only “Functional Warpaints now properly decay over time.”
  4. Note this has also been applied to NON-Functional Warpaints erronously I’m sure.
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And to follow up quickly, as I only focussed on the problem here: THANK YOU for an awesome game so far. No hate here, just :heart:

Keep doing what you’re doing, which is listening to the community and don’t be affraid to refine your game, just keep being transparent as you have been so far! And I’m not saying that just to get you to listen to me of course :wink: