Warpaint - how long does it last?

I want an accurate answer.

So through testing: one hour. You must joking, Funcom. I don’t enjoy that at all. Not for a dragon powder. The tattoos are pretty and you’ve massively restricted their duration so we can’t enjoy that visual look.


I do not mind the timer on functional war paints as they are meant to be situational: an extra boost during a raid, if you find yourself encumbered while harvesting, etc. What I do wish is that there were decorative versions of the functional warpaints since those look a lot nicer than the current faction based decorative paints.

I will share my previous post on the topic:

I am with you, OP. This is not a good value for the cost.

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My view is this: It makes sense for the Vitality, Strength and Accuracy warpaint for PvP / Raid. It doesnt make sense for Encumbarance for farming.

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I made a thread about some of my thoughts on this and I’ll summarize a little here:

Leave decay but add timer to show type and time and decrease cost of making some.

Remove decay and make it work like armor as it’s own slot possibly increasing costs.

Restore it to permanent until death like before the patch and leave costs as is.

And along with one of those for the functional warpaints make decorative ones just permanent flat out.

Just my thoughts and ideas on the subject



I agree to it beeing usless for encumbrence. Other than thats its somewhat okay, but maybe up the timer some. Encumbrence should be permanent og lower cost

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