Warpaints / Tattoos

Hello all,

Since the Mother of All Patches on PC the Warpaint timer is now working and you don’t keep it till you die. This is fine but since it does decay perhaps adjust costs of Dragonpowder or perhaps increase their costs to a bit more then armor items and make them permanent Perhaps also with durability like armor? This can come with an adjustment for how much of a buff they give to come in line with other armor slots. Or perhaps if it’s always desired to be a temp buff please add a timer we can watch, and which one is active. maybe make them last longer?

With all these ideas of just the warpaints that provide buffs what about the purely decorative ones? Why isn’t it possible to make those permanent?

Just my ideas though I’d like to hear what others have to say about this.


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Yeah the cost is way too much for something that has a shorter duration than potions.

I would love to see permanent War"Tattoos" to keep the buff and tattoo on the character rather than it be temporary even if at a substantial cost. They could, like suggested above, introduce cosmetic War “tattoos” that come with varying looks and permanent stat boosts in a DLC pack like the Khitan one.