Less than 1hour timer on warpaint, really?

Whos idea was it to not only give warpaints a timer since apparently loosing it at death is not enough, but to make that timer less than 1 hour long as well? I just crafted a agility warpaint for my build, and it dissapeared even less than 1 hour after I used it.


Functional warpaints were always intended to have a timer. The fact that they did not was a bug.

The warpaints I have used before this last patch had timers they just lasted several days with
how costly they are was about right.

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It does not surprise me that this was the intent. However, for the cost of 1 red powder, a sustained buff (until death) seemed pretty reasonable. Now that the warpaint tattoos expire, I will not use them or incorporate them into any of my builds. I have to measure it like this:

Do I want a +3 for an hour or less?
Do I want another bomb?

I could sacrifice the occasional additional bomb for a prolonged ability buff. But if it is going to be that short, I will never use them again. If they lasted longer (6 hours, perhaps?), then I might consider using them again.

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Outside of “special occasions” I see no reason to craft Warpaints right now.
Way too expensive for the little time they are active.
Timer needs to go way up or the costs down.

At least it made me use Elixirs. That’s something…I guess.


I based my entire build around a functional warpaint :frowning:

1 str, 1 agi, 1 grit, Vit 3, 4 (+5 with warpaint) enc, 2 survival.

But with warpaint and SL boots nerf, that spec has become expensive due to the 50 steelfire per warpaint expenditure.

It makes other features more relevant tho, like getting smashed with alcohol to compensate stats and augmenting with food stats… But having gotten used to the QoL of my build, it feels like a “loss of the good times.”

It’s nothing I’d bash Funcom over (i love them too much atm :P) , as I get that warpaint was never intended to be permanent.

The costs could be made a bit less though… or make it repairable. Hmmm… Touch-up kit sounds fun.

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War paints only for special occasions, that sounds reasonably realistic, I think.


wow, I thought this was a bug, very disappointed if it’s not and will not bother to use paints now…

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While I would agree in general, the costs are still too high for what it provides.
I mean, same duration and effect as an Elixir, but the Elixir is damn cheap in comparison.
Of course, it prevents an easy stacking, which is good imho, but it’s still too expensive. A better effect or lower costs in return for the fixed timer would have been a good way to go.

Honestly, on PvE Servers I personally see little to no reason to use Warpaint right now.

I wouldn’t mind warpaint having a duration if the cost were cheaper. Right now its just too expensive to use.

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Elixirs are a great option. The cost is not unreasonable for a short duration buff. Just one alchemical base… sure! No problem.

If the warpaint tattoos were on a similar costing scale, I would okay with them expiring quickly. But at one red powder, I would expect some potency for the cost tradeoff.

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I will never understand Funcom’s apparent need to make half the stuff in this game completely useless.

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Yea if you read about warpaint’s in Game it hint you that is temporary since is traceable ink from papyrus I did realized it was going to go away eventually. Hey but at least we can do them as much we want.

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Yea. lasting until death was perfect for the crafting cost.


What’s wrong with it lasting until death or respect like before? Maybe lower the bonus to +2 like all the armors in the game though. For the materials that it cost and it only lasting one hour I wont bother any more. It’s too much hassle when you can’t even build your stat points around the bonus. Elixer’s, pots or whatever already cover temporary buffs.



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