Please revert the change of Warpaint timers!

They are basically useless now considering you need freaking dragonpowder to craft them. For what? An hour of +3 buff? You lose them on death anyway why even add a timer? Please revert this change. I will never understand Funcom’s apparent need to make half the stuff in this game completely useless.


Hey, do you use elixirs?

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They’re not useless they are situational and allows you to make sick PvP builds I think this was a good balance step.

This is coming from me who were running around with insane pvp builds all the time now other poorer or low level players have a better chance to fight back. They should infact add expiry to alcohol too.

1.5 min… ? :smiley:

It’s not gonna happen. That’s a PvP game, and PvP players complaints determines the entire game. As you say, another feature going direct to trash.


What do you need attribute tattoos for in PVE? Everything in PvE dies so fast anyway.

The disdain for PvP players in this forum is staggering. I enjoy both PvP and PvE, the Tattoo’s allowed players to walk around with 50 on STR or VIT perma or 50 str and 50 vit for a long time with alcohol. Making the tattoo’s this way will encourage different builds as you can not rely on them all the time anymore.

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You can develope this builds in the same way being temporary or being permanent. “Encouraging” is the key of the entire thing? You are giving me the reason. Let’s encourage PvPrs to be more creative with their builds and fck everyone else.

Disdain? I don’t know what you are talking about. All this game conception and developement spins around you and your needs. PvE gamers only can wait and see the next crap that wold be introduced on game to satisfy you, starting with the damn combat system that has been occupying 90% of this company efforts and resources during EA.


I would merely like to see a cost, duration or effect adjustment.
For its current effect and duration it’s imho too expensive.
But I certainly don’t want to go back to the “permanent Warpaint” days.

I somewhat doubt that, at least I doubt that we will actually see that many new builds.
Builds that only used Warpaint to reach a certain breaking point won’t change, since Elixirs will just take over the “+3 duty”.
Builds that used both will use the Warpaint like the Elixirs, activate it only when you need it.
That’s only true for people who are able to cope with the costs though.

I’m sorry, it is not my fault you decided to cut the pvp content out of your game and only force yourself to the PvE side. I take both, I enjoy both PvE and PvP, I honestly see nothing wrong done by the developers when it comes to tattoo changes.

There are no real need for PvE players to make use of the attribute tattoo’s (not the decorative ones) for PvE, as there is no challenge in the PvE department, it is a fun aspect of the game but I honestly fail to see what has impacted your PvE world by having the attribute tattoo’s being temporary? I have not tested the decorative ones, if the decorative ones are temporary too then I understand your complaint about the changes.

Please enlighten me, since you play on PvE and don’t use dragonpowder for explosives, why are you so bewildered by the changes to the tattoo’s as you don’t lose out as much as a PvP-server player?

The elixirs won’t replace the void left by the tattoo on the “+3 duty” as the elixir and tattoo would stack, more insane 50 str 50 vitality builds will now be expensive and people won’t run around in juggernaut/damage dealing builds as much as they used to, as much as I used to.

So yes it will encourage different builds as both tattoos and elixirs are now temporary and yellow lotus potions aren’t something you can save by the hundreds anymore.


At the very least, they need to make them stackable so you can craft a bunch at a time and not waste too much storage space!

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Certainly you need to be enlightened. I’m not bewildered at all. I’m only emphasizing an obviousness. Funcom is not gonna revert the change, so the entire discussion is pointless. I don’t care about the tattos, but is the last example of a conscient policy of this game that all spins around PvP and your needs. And to close that, I doubt you have played PvE ever if you need to ask a question like that. Or maybe you are trolling. In both cases, I’m done here.

Good move. Make them tactical again instead of another default. When Mel Gibson smeared himself with woad and yelled “Freedom!” he didn’t stay blue-streaked for the entire battle. These things are supposed to be like acid trips or whatever, and you berserk a little bit, then done.

Personally for PVP these are great for close-margin builds where you’ll need to switch helmets/other things from time to time. :wink:

My entire encumberance build relies on the Warpaint of Support (Encumberance)
I like having 1 in str, grit and agility, while having 3 in vitality and 5 in encumberance.

I enjoy running around with a royal circlet, as opposed to those god awful helmets.
If there was a vanity slot, it’d be NP at all.

But other than cosmetics, I believe warpaint is quite costly for being a timed consumable.
I’ve also come to enjoy running around with warpaints acting like tattoos.

Warpaints remind me of the function cybernetic implants had in Anarchy Online. It’d be crazy cool if one could mix and match different modules of patterns to form a warpaint with multiple stats. Expensive as hell but permanent till death.

It makes people value their lives all the more because it feels like perma-death, without being perma-death.


Always good to hear about your playstyle, makes mine seems less … exotic? :smiley: Last PVP server I built my entire character around being able to wear the Kambujan horned helmet, to the detriment of almost everything else as I sought Shendelzare. Always Shendelzare.

As I stated in another thread on the topic:

…I am okay with a limited duration on the warpaint tattoos. But not at the current materials cost. I will pay 1 alchemical base and some other stuff for a short term +3. I will not pay 1 red powder for a short term +3. A 1 red powder +3 buff would need to be longer term (like unitl death, as it was previously).


I’m glad you piped up because this really effs with your game. My expectations had always been the tattoos were temporary, as they had been during working phases on TL. The only paint to be semi-permanent were the cosmetic ones. Being able to rely on +3 ticks, all the time, is pretty OP. Unless of course you die a ton.

Like with @Halcyon’s experience I hadn’t thought outside my own expectations. So when the game released with these tatts 'til death I wondered why. Now they’ve returned to normalcy for me, and imbalance for you. Again, thanks for your contribution, hope it gets rectified to most mutual satisfaction. :smiley:

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It is a really cool feature, and I like that it is available. But purely from a cost perspective, I won’t use it for 1 red powder a piece. Just too expensive.

Now - if I could make 2-4 warpaint tattoo applications from a single red powder, I would consider it. Or - perhaps if it had a duration greater than a single hour (say… 6 hours, or death, whichever comes first?).

For me, at the current costing, the functional buff warpaints might as well not be in the game for as much as I will make use of them. shrug I guess they might still have value for red powder “richers.” But even if I was rolling in red powder, I can’t justify this cost at such a fast expiration.

Fair enough, good points I won’t argue with that.

Now for my second point, you now have a reason to obtain dragonpowder for the scenarios you mentioned.

There’s no need for certain users here to bash on PvP players whenever a change happens.

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