Make warpaints part of the character creation screen and remove the attributes

I just realised I don’t use warpaints for attributes. i hardly used them in the past because how fast they decay. I don’t think they are necessary to play the game and +3 or +1/2 to an attribute hardly means anything.

Warpaints have more cosmetic value in my opinion and have the potential to enhance our characters look more than boosting our gameplay performance.
With such a large variety of warpaints, I think they should be part of the character creation screen or an unlock on Orb of Nergal like the colored eyes.

I was wondering how many of you use warpaints for their attributes and not for their cosmetic look, and how often do you make use of them. Is there a good reason to do it? Do you like warpaints in their current state? What would you change about them?


Disclaimer: I’m not very PVP-combat oriented and I don’t play PVP servers (only PVE-C), so you might not be interested in my opinion.

I’ve only ever used functional (as opposed to decorative) warpaints back when all warpaints lasted until death. Once they made functional warpaints decay in 30 minutes, I stopped using them altogether. And when they made decorative warpaints also decay (why the hell? nobody knows), I also stopped using those. Ain’t nobody got time for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I use armor almost all the time, so it’s not like I have a lot of opportunity to show off a decorative warpaint. I wouldn’t mind putting them on dancers, though.


That’s actually a very good point. I forgot you can do that.

If I didn’t have to do it every day, I would probably paint my war dancers…I mean dance my warpaints…nvm. Forget I said anything.


You can?

Yes, you can use a warpaint from your thrall’s inventory. It expires however after a time period and you’ll have to do it again, and again, etc.

On pve servers I use the crocodile tattoo , on PvP servers I use the encumbrance tattoo on me and the strength tattoo on my low level thrall plus Ajas bane or axe of the lion , because a relic hunter starts with 0 strength so a pict flawless armor with gas mask , tattoo and Ajas bane is giving a start of + 14 to strength . So my dear friend some of us use every aspect the game can give , so if I have a suggestion here is more aspects pls , not less :wink: . Still I agree to the point that 30 min is very low timer , it’s exactly the half than before .

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If i may reply to you without making myself look like a smart ■■■, but.

I do use warpaints, both on thralls and myself. You reach a point where,what can you do with All the stuff you gather along a playthrough? Using warpaint on 10 Karthok’s for maelstrom pushed us to 21 greater ??? (Siptah ofc), the additional stats gave us 3 more spawns.

With that being said, i would enjoy having the cosmetic warpaints integrated in character creation, but leave the stat ones to be crafted.

Ah Yeah, @Community Whisper the devs for some warpaints for pets, at least for the greater ones. As we are at the warpaint topic, no reason to create another. :innocent:

You will love Siptah (current Siptah :yum:) if you decide to buy when will be released on PS.

Edit: No bragging here. just a lvl 0 thrall :wink:

and there is still room for improovements!

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We all have our opinions, here’s my quick one: hell no :slight_smile: . I regularly use warrants for my builds. That 3 levels goes a LONG way. If you are using 3 levels in strength, for example, to get yourself to 50, then that 3 is worth 30 attribute points to be spent elsewhere. You’re not getting 3 attribute points to spend, your getting 3 more levels in an attribute, which reduces your total spend in that attribute.

EDIT: where’s this 30 minute timer coming from? My warpaints last much longer than that.

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I beat the game on multiple servers. Got everything completed PvE and never used a tatoo. I understand the PvP aspect but are they really worth it?
Just like the books from warmaker, they don’t feel worth the extra length to get them.

i dont keep count, but they do expire quite fast. i thought it was something on 20 minutes. Glad to find out it is half an hour :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, when they originally changed this, the timer was 30 minutes. That’s when I stopped using them. If they adjusted the timer later, I wouldn’t know, because I’m not using them anymore :slight_smile:

Tbh I stopped following adjustments to warpaint because I got tired of them not reporting the changes in the patch notes. In fact, I don’t know if they’ve ever reported adjustments to warpaints I’m the notes, and if they have, then it’s rare. After a while I get tired of testing every game mechanic after they put out an update, lol.

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I know how you feel. FWIW, it seems they got better at that.

I use warpaints and the elixirs. Elixirs last 60 minutes. My warpaints are lasting longer than that… Guess I’m lucky?

Thankfully MUCH better!

I get the dilemma. Conan, from the beginning, has largely been about exploring the game. However, for the now established player base, we don’t want to re-explore all those aspects. Funcom, on the other hand, seems to not want to spoil anything for new players by putting too much detail in the patch notes (i.e. changes to specific damage numbers that bombs or trebs would do to a vault). IMHO, they’re past the point of spoilers and should have full published notes on all changes. Any new players at this point are either going to intentionally not look up stuff, or they will, and it’s not like the community doesn’t already have plenty of spoilers out there.


In another post I said to legendary that I watch Siptah videos all the time like a five year old boy looks the ice-cream van , so you bet Siptah is on my gaming priorities . If I hadn’t a great damage to my car I would bye my own pc just to play Siptah (I can’t play on laptop) . Any information you send my friend is bliss to my eyes :+1: .

Don’t do that, even if you could.

Truth is that when IoS is released on consoles, will be a better version then what you have seen in those videos :stuck_out_tongue: .


That’s something I never got the sense of for decorative ones…the ones that boost stats I get it…but what’s the point in the others having a decay timer?

Great idea

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People finish the game in matter of hours. You should watch a couple videos on that matter, there is a Streamer that is doing speed runs.

Everything related to pve is a matter of choice, thats why it is a survival sandbox game. Or am i wrong?