We are at War! Active players wanted!


We are at War!!! ‘‘Alpha’’ clan recruiting for active players.We raided 5 bases in 3 days (not saying it to brag about it), plenty of PVP on our server, so if you like PVP you will definitely fit in.

PS: we got raided to so don’t worry its a given take lol

Please be active and should be available most raid hours.

Our server is US OFFICIAL server and raid hours is 7pm-1am Central time.

We hold regular PVP events as well and we have a great community. However this is a PVP server, so plenty of Action :slight_smile:

There is no recourse and OBs blocking allowed on the server! We keep our building minimum to maintain good server performance.and all this without admins!

If you like playing Conan and wants to be a part of a very friendly group DM me and after a bit of chat I will provide you with more information. Please be respectful, friendly, and don’t forget first message=first impression.

Thank you.