We have set up the best server on ps4 EVER!

So me and my brother have set up an all you can eat server. It’s a pvp server that’s a slight boost from official. It has building damage from Friday-Sunday only, so you have a chance to build back before people raid again. We have built many buidlings/locations for the community. Including a battle arena made for jousting and clan boss fights. A town with actual housing lots in town limits that will act as a safe house that can not be raided. We also have cabins in the snow that will save you in an emergency. Archery ranges for competition, we have a replica of Nuketown for 6 vs 6 archery battles with light arrows. (A play on paintball). We built a trade market building that will function as a auction house that players can sell or trade between other players. It continues with a parkour stage for beginners, community garden, welcome center, and much more is built and new things are still to come. We want to start making quests/missions that we can hand out to players or clans that will have rewards once completed. We want to make this a community that avoids toxic players and clans that there only goal in life is to take over the server and ruin any actual fun and escape from reality. Our server is called Sun Bros R Us. Come join us for some jolly cooperation.

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