We need more LATAM PVE servers ASAP!

Funcom, we need more LATAM PVE servers with urgency! We have only 2 servers, overpopulated, many many many bases everywhere you look. North America have 15+ servers with 5 ppl each, in LATAM we have 2 with 30+ players all the time, it’s impossible to make anything, we can’t get thrall, bosses, dungeons, bases, nothing is possible.

Please, our request is urgent! Give us some attention, we’re part of this community too.

Thank you!


Funcom has 40+ servers for North America and only 2 for LATAM (Lands of Exile), to say that we don’t have enough players for more LATAM servers is a lie, so I support the request for more LATAM servers (PVE) so that we have the same gaming experience as the North Americans. We await at least one response.

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Welcome to the Forum both of you @Khalamiel. It will be Monday before any one from Funcom will be on. If you are playing pve and then don’t have to worry about being raided why not play on a North American server? I am not saying you don’t deserve more server just asking I have met server people from south America playing on na server.

Doing so would likely result in a higher latency. Maybe not a lot, but possibly noticeable if their ping is regularly around the allowable threshold.

So have I, and that seems to be a pretty good indication that they should be given more servers so they don’t have to.



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