Please FUNCOM open a Official server PVE-Conflict LATAM In the Exiled Lands for PlayStation 4

Please FUNCOM open a PVE-Conflict LATAM server in the Exiled Lands for PlayStation 4, there is only one server in this mode Conflict for Ps4 located on the island of Siptah, it would be something very appreciated by the LATAM community to have an equal server in the Exiled Lands too, for those like me who want to play PVE-Conflict have to play on American servers, and face a ping of 200 or more, compared to a ping of 33 for other existing LATAM servers. Opening servers like this is certainly recognizing and rewarding a community that remains active in the game, especially regarding the console. not only me but others would love to be able to enjoy a server like this, something that would keep this game that we love so much even more alive.

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