We need official South American servers (not Brazil for high ping)

We need official South American servers (not Brazil for high ping)
Hello, we need official servers in South America, the servers that currently exist are hosted in Brazil and it is impossible to play and commit for high ping, we need to place servers in Chile or Argentina, many people stop playing for this problem, thanks …

Have you tried U.S. private servers? i don’t know if the ping is good from there but you can give it a try.

Darkspear 3.0H, 4.0xp (PC)

  • PVP - 24/7
  • Raid Time - 7pm to 11pm ET
  • Purge hours - 7pm to 11pm ET
  • TP Maproom near every obelisk
  • Pet Merchants (only babys)
  • Dye Merchants
  • Endless free attribute reset potion
  • Endless free Feat reset potion
  • World Bosses drops Tablet of Power (feat)
  • No Gods
  • No Sandstorm
  • crafting time reduce
  • Thrall break time reduce
  • thrall population limit 100 per clan

6 mods in total

Pings to Brazil should not be high. I had from Northern Europe to Singapore max 200 ms and that using a VPN with Wireguard protocol. 200 ms is playable. From Argentina or Chile to Brasil is a much short distance so you should have long under 200 ms. Maybe the problem is not where it is placed.

The problem is that you can not fight melee against a Brazilian in official servers, since they have much less ping, you will always win by the low ping, the Latin Americans Argentinians and Chileans can not play for the disadvantage and we are prey easy, we want official servers in Argentina and Chile, but people will stop playing and buy the dlcs …