Ping is always to high to enter any official server

I play full price for the game and the dlc
I have never played the game without the help of a VPN
I have to log in very early in the morning IF i want to play that day because even with the VPN server would not let me in after a certain hour. I live in mexico and i have 100mb internet service.
I DO need a fix for this kind of !"#$ system to determine if i have lag or not. I CANT PLAY ANY SERVER.
America is a bit lag
SurAmerica is super lag
Europe is turbo lag…

Can you just put the !"#$ ping bar a little high up? I mean i played unoficial server all over the world with out a problem but i want to play they officials. LET ME PLAY THE GAME I PAY FOR.

you don’t really want to play official. It’s full of speed hackers and most servers get ddosed during raid hours.

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