140 ping cap for EU official

Is there any possibility this will change? or are there any official servers that don’t have this restriction as I bought the game 2 days ago and am considering a refund now that I find out I will prob not be able to play official ever.

I live in south africa and so for every other game EU region is the closest one for us south african gamers to play on. We deal with 150 - 180 ping and in every other game I play I experience minor to no issues form the slight lag. Really it isn’t that bad, yet for Conan I can’t even play at that ping, I have never faced this problem before. Other non official servers without this cap seem to work fine and the lag is hardly noticeable. yet EU official seem to imply that anything over 140 ping will break the server or something :confused: . Seems silly to me and it’s really frustrating that now after buying the game and DLC that I will be stuck with unofficial servers only. Why not just move the cap slightly for say 200 ping, as 200 + actually starts causing lag issues, but I have never seen or had a problem from any ping under that. Seems a bit overtly strict… So any chance this will change? or am I stuck with unofficial servers or asking for a refund???

You can try to play on a server closer to your area, why do you want to play in EU?

You can have look on that one Siptah private PvP official settings