Enough with the fake ping on PC: Considering refund after four days

Game mode: All internet games
Type of issue: Ping
Server type: All game modes
Region: America

One of hundreds of complaints about the ping values. I have run a multitude of Trace Routes against the official servers, and typically (85% of the time) I have a ping below 140. Yet Conan Exiles reports a ping above 400 for ALL servers every 18 out of 20 times I refresh. And the other 10% of the time the pings are typically under 100. This is also with a 200mbps connection, hardwired connection, new router, and only two other (low use) devices on the network.

If I play on Xbox (yes, different platform/client/netwrok architecture) I have no problems with ping on official America servers.

When will you fix this? If I cant start the game, I dont care what content you add.

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Today something was different with the servers. I play 4 servers(2 exiled lands and 2 siptah) and on all of them I had 240-500 ping ingame when a week before I had 30-80 on exiled lands and on siptah launch I was 30 ping in game.
Until yesterday eveyone was complaining about the server browser showing high ping. Now all servers have 3-10 fps and ridiculous pings in game.
I think the Conan Exiles servers are being DDOS’ed but that’s just my opinion.

No, no. It’s not DDOS. This game since the very beginning had ping, fps issues. Never has it been fixed and don’t expect for it to be fixed. It’s just like always they f up something to high heavens it’s just worse than worse.

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