Super High Ping on Official Servers

Game mode: [Online Official
Type of issue: Performance/Misc
Server type: PVP
Region: America

This isnt a bug but I didn’t see any better place to put this so here I am. My friends and I decided to boot up conan for the first time in a while after having our other friends buy the game. I go to join and all official servers have over 100 ping. It was never like this when I played my other 500 hours and it’s happening to not only me but also my other friends aswell. I was wondering if trhere was something I could do to fix this. I managed to get into a server and I asked in chat if anyone else was experiencing this, a few people said they were, others said it was fine. I was just wondering if there was either something I could do about it or if it is being fixed. Thank you

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Open game
2.Go to online servers
3.Sort by official
4.Notice that ping is the first 3 digits of your phone number
5.Ask for help on the forums

Due to the Covid 19 virus and everyone staying at home, you will see issues that you normally do not see. This is due to the internet not being able to handle all of the people currently at home. The internet itself has extra capacity to handle weekends, holidays, and high traffic hours in the evening. It does not have the capacity to handle everyone working from home, classes online instead of in a classroom, and the normal daily traffic.

Based on my experience with other online games, streaming sites, and my general surfing activities this is a bandwidth issue with the internet itself. One of the games I play actually stated the issues they have experienced are caused by internet traffic and not the servers.

Both Netflix and YouTube have throttled the video quality of their services worldwide. This was done to free up bandwidth.

So with all due respect, youre saying that i pretty much cant play this game until this poop (banning swears on the forum of a game with bloody combat and full nudity is kind of a yikes) is over? Are you as a company planning on doing anything to fix this? Looking at steam charts, last month conan lost 2000 players and this month it’s gained 2 people. I feel that number would be a LOT higher if something could be done about servers. Not that I could do anything about it nor am i suggesting you do but in general. I’d love to see this game stay alive and if there’s any time to revive it thatd be now. just saying

Thanks for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.
Until then we appreciate you staying civil and respectful :slight_smile:

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