Ping issues with server 2578

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Hey guys I posted about having high ping yesterday on server 2578. Today while playing I had a ping of 158 for the first few hours of game play. Suddenly around 5:30 pm to when I got off 7:00 pm pst (west coast USA time) my ping again jumped to 800 to 9999. My up and download speeds for my wired internet connection stayed at 500 mb/s. This time resetting router cashe did not work. Please help a fella out.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Official or dedicated?

See this wiki page on reporting methods for server issues.

Hi @Pintoalex3, do you also experience similar issues in other official servers?

Issue has not been happening since the server update last week

the problem is in many servers and in different regions, conan exiles has a very big ping problem and I don’t think this will change

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