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Been trying to get into this server for almost an hour but ping is hitting around 8k reported to gportal but there’s around 25 active players on this server with at least up to 12 on around the clock but since Ive been trying to get on my server there been 3 players on there the whole time just reporting this if there’s any foul play here … this is the first time (from like over a year) that the ping has gone up like this

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Check server 2504

These 3 players were on the whole hour well over an hour now just reporting if there’s any wrong doing here … they shouldn’t be able to get on if server ping is high like this

That the lowest the ping has gotten to but goes up again it’s fluctuating

Hi @Strider5599, thank you for bringing this up and apologies for the situation, we’ll reach out to G-Portal to determine the issue with the reported server.

Just got home from work but server working now ping 66 thank you

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