Weapon balancing, quality of life improvements

Just a topic on how to make some things more or less useful and reasonable when it comes to weapons.

So, I’ve been playing for a few days on PS4 about 6-10 hours a day to see if I like the game or not. It has a lot of bugs but I really enjoy this game a lot. I worship Ymir and I really only have one complaint. The glacier-crack and the foeshatter. The foeshatter is meant to be a direct upgrade to the glacier-crack. It does a lot more damage. But I feel like it’s overrated. The foeshatter doesn’t give heat resistance like it’s worse counterpart. In fact it give no passive benefits at all. And in my opinion it doesn’t look as appealing. Most star-metal weapons have blue orbs or pieces that glow. But the foeshatter does not while it’s worse version does even though it doesnt use star-metal. I would like to see the foeshatter buffed to at least get the same passive as the glacier-crack.

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