Weapon racks are not displaying weapons correctly

The weapon racks aren’t displaying weapons correcty. The weapons are placed behind the rack even though the rack was placed in the correct orientation.

Greetings Exiled,

We’ll need the following information:

  • Do you use mods?
  • Server type?

Can you also share with us screenshots of the weapons racks as mentioned?

Sorry for the late reply. As a new user, I can’t post images yet.

I finished troubleshooting the problem. I can confirm the issue was caused by a mod.
The bug occurred on a private server that used mods. In my single player game the problem didn’t occur so the issue is in one of the mods the private server had. I had to copy the server’s modlist to replicate the issue.

In fact, another player

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this issue is not related to mods, but it affects mostly modded weapons (missing game tags) and is easy to reproduce with a base game torch.

add a torch to the inventory and try to see behind the rack and you will spot the torch mesh. a torch is not a valid item for the rack and therefore a matching data table entry is missing. but at this point of the logic the slot mesh is already initialized with the torch mesh, only the re-positioning is skipped.


the main issue is the CheckForValidItems function. it only checks the game tags but not the data table.

oh and if you fill the rack with valid weapons and switch 1 of the weapons with a troch:


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