Weekend Warriors - PC - EST

My gf and I loved this game in Early Access and had a great, small competitive server that we played on. It was basically a handful of two person teams and it was a good time.

On go live, we joined a server and had a grand plan on how we planned to move forward. The server we picked quickly filled up and open spots were at a premium because there were 3-4 10 person guilds active. On Day 3 one of those ten person guilds showed up with a load of bombs and essentially leveled our base and everything we had. It sucked, but it’s pvp…so whatever. We sucked it up and spent the entire day rebuilding to get back to where we were. Day 4 rolls around and sadly, our base was leveled yet again.

For us, the game just went from amazing to completely un-fun in a matter of four days. We realized we just couldn’t compete with 10 person guilds and they clearly didn’t understand the concept of server sustainability.

So…given that we have actual jobs and lives, we decided for us that the best solution would be to just start our own server. This server is has a handful of mods which I consider to be ‘quality of life’ mods that definitely improve the game, especially for smaller groups or lone wolves.

Server name is Weekend Warriors (make sure and check the box to show servers with Mods). PVP rules apply, but building destruction can only occur on weekends from 10 - 10 EST. There are slight exp boosts in effect. Clan size is maxed at four. Right now, no decay is set.

The following mods are being used, so if you’d like to join us, install them in the following order:

  1. Planter & Compost guide (neat addon that shows ‘recipes’ for different workstations)

  2. Healing Rebalanced (adds a bit more healing and idle healing - not dramatic)

  3. Higher Loot Chance (not too dramatic, but does help with things like getting a bit of bark using an axe)

  4. Reduced Hunger&Thirst in Shelter (self explanatory)

  5. Stacks, Weight and More (increases stack size, reduces weight, and lets you move placed objects)

  6. Named Thralls Spawn boost (self explanatory)

  7. Lvl 100, More Attribute and Feat (eventually can open up all skills if you max level)

  8. Valhalla Health (reduces hit points of big bosses to closer to how Early Acess was - not dramatic)

  9. Elavator Plus (faster elevators if you want, build landing pads between floors)

  10. Ridenbaron (recipe to convert wood to bark)

  11. Reduced armor weight

Currently we have 20 slots for the server. If there appears to be more folks playing here, then we’ll be glad to look into expanding. I don’t even know how to use any of the Admin controls so the plan is to just play and enjoy the game. We aren’t aggressive pvp players by no means, and certainly don’t want that on this server, but if someone was brave enough to try and raid us, we’re happy to retaliate in kind.

If a relaxed, semi-mature environment, but not completely snowflake friendly is something that sounds interesting and fun to you, by all means find us and join!

Editing to add a new bark addon