Weekly Community Newsletter?

This week will be a newsletter? No news. Deves are silent.

Due to the Easter break we didn’t do the Friday stand-up, so there’s no newsletter this week. Sorry about that!

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@Spynosaur_Nicole Hey, can we expect stream session on friday 6 ?

I thought the newsletter was to tell us what they were working. If they didn’t discuss things Friday shouldn’t that meeting have been moved to Monday morning? I’m kind of disappointed.

game is releasing in less than a month im sure you can use your imagination to figure out what they are working on

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I think they are working on the bellydancers. That and other NSFW items.

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I can understand that there is lot of work to be done, but newsletter from 28.3. was not really newsletter in sense of news, I understand last week/Friday - Easter. But why there is nothing this week?

When will the new newsletter be published?

i don’t think we will have one this week as we have stream on tuesday