Well of Skelos has no Boss

I can see this has come up many times in the forum. But its not fixed. I have been through over 10 times without ever seeing the boss on his throne. Can you please fix this. I would like to progress the game


While it has been a bug in the past, I’m not aware of any known instances as of recent. Could you write a bug report in the correct forum category with the required information on the bug report template? In order to address a bug, information and reproduceable steps are necessary.


This happened to me the last time I visited the Well of Skelos on the last iteration of the Test Live.

@Elgingerman I reported this several weeks ago, after they had supposedly fixed this bug. It’s the last item on my to-do list in the Exiled Lands, so I was happy to see in the Patch notes that the boss spawning had been fixed.

Turns out it still didn’t work.

I haven’t gone to check it recently to see if it has been fixed because playing games got onto my nerves (literally - I have a pinched nerve in my arm so I’m taking a couple of weeks off gaming to let it recuperate), but sounds like it’s still not fixed.

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