Weteffect gone when the character reach a specific high


jeah the same problem with the physics :smiley: I also believe that funcom will never fix this, but I have a task so I keep pushing- :muscle:

The only solution I really could find for my case was to set my height at 50% with the orb of nergal and use the high heels mod. My female character towers over every one. This seems to bypass my cardboard physics issue if I set above 50%. Not sure of a good solution if playing a male characters tho…… unless heels are your thing……. Not gonna judge. :grin:

I like heels :smiley: But it’s still an absolutely idiotic bug that I don’t think is particularly difficult to fix with the code. How can effects and physics be linked to character size, there are no new effects just because the character model gets bigger. That’s absurd. There’s just a bug somewhere in the code that funcom don’t want to look for. It’s the same with the foundation, every item “floats” slightly above the ground. Funcom probably doesn’t touch that in the worry of deleting all kinds of things for the players. I’m starting to think that Funcom doesn’t know their own code :wink: So the size thing will probably never be fixed, but I’ll push it anyway. Sad but the way I feel it is unfortunately a reality. And for games with mods, it’s all the easier to blame them instead of actually investigating and fixing the code but it happens here even without mods. Whatever, I like women, but I also like playing a man in roleplay :smiley:

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